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Intercom conversations over 700 meters

The SPH10H-FM Bluetooth 3.0 stereo headset features a simple earpad design that works great with half helmets while delivering your favorite tunes, GPS navigation, hands-free calling, and four-way intercom conversations over a 700-meter (760 yards) range.

Easily make adjustments on-the-fly

The versatile Jog Dial makes it easy to control all the functions and settings of the SPH10H-FM—even while you’re deep in the throes of playtime or ride time! The earpad design makes it easy to wear while doing almost anything.

Extra volume and less noise when you need it

The SPH10H-FM produces crystal-clear audio with an automatic boost of volume in noisy environments, while Advanced Noise Control™ technology detects and cuts out background noise. And, each audio source has its own independent volume level that you can adjust for an optimal riding experience.

Share music, Make calls, Converse with riding companions

Bluetooth 3.0 technology provides the capability to listen to and share music with the use of Bluetooth playback controls, and offers Multipoint Bluetooth technology for dual mobile phone usage. Tune into your favorite radio stations with the integrated FM radio tuner. Even if your companions don’t have Sena gear, the SPH10H-FM uses the Universal Intercom™ protocol, which allows your gear to work with their gear, regardless of brand.

Water resistant, Long battery life, Helpful voice prompts

The SPH10H-FM is fully water resistant for use in any condition, and you’ll get up to seven hours of talk time and eight days of stand-by on a single charge. All registered Sena owners get access to free firmware upgrades, which ensure your unit is always operating with the latest software updates. Meanwhile, integrated voice prompts (available in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish) help you quickly learn your way around the device.


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