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The RST R-16 Boots are suited for sports riding kitted out with a multitude of features to keep you racing safely, in comfort.

The R-16 Boots have PU shin, ankle and heel protection to provide support at these vulnerable areas, keeping you from hyperflexing or moving in unnatural directions, which may result in injuries. The moulded anti-twist skeleton also keeps your ankle from overturning.

Lining the boots is a layer of 3D mesh which allows air to circulate through, whilst wicking away moisture, so you stay dry and comfortable. This is especially important for sports riding as it often occurs in warmer, Summer months. The outer layer of the boots is constructed using microfibre which is perforated for allowing air to enter the boots so your feet stay cool.

Slip the boots on and secure them with the zip and velcro closure, this holds them in a comfortable, secure position so you can concentrate on the road.

For improved riding performance the boots have nylon toe sliders, these promote sliding and prevent the boots from grabbing as you turn corners and ride through bends.

The heel cup provides a buffer for shock absorption, dissipating the energy when you stamp your foot down. The anti-slip rubber sole provides some grip and keeps your feet from slipping as you rest on the foot pegs or place your feet down on the go.

  • Sports boots
  • PU shin plate
  • Replaceable nylon toe sliders
  • Microfibre, perforated panels and TPU heel / shin
  • 3D mesh lining
  • Shin, ankle and heel protector made from PU
  • Moulded anti-twist
  • Gear change panel
  • Max zip and velcro closure
  • Touring cut
  • CE certified
  • Vulcanised, anti-slip rubber sole
  • Heel cup


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